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Ping G425 Max Driver

Ping G425 Max Driver Features and Benefits 

When Ping set out to produce the G425 Max, they tried to combine the most successful elements from the G400 Max and the G410 Plus. Each of these clubs had some great benefits that made it into the G425. 

Adjustable Weighting

The Ping G425 driver is a great club for those that need adjustability in their driver. The 460cc head comes with a 26-gram tungsten moveable weight. The driver can be set as neutral, draw or fade. 

One of the interesting things about the settings on the Ping G425 Max is that when this club is set to neutral and fade, it really could be played by a lower handicap player. Many drivers that are considered to be the most forgiving in the lineup are going to be naturally draw bias.

With the G425, you have the ability to put the draw bias into place, but it’s nice to have the option to square things up. If your slice starts to disappear, this is a club that can still be very beneficial for your game.  

Dragonfly Crown

From the top down, the G425 Max is a great looking club. You will notice the new dragonfly crown technology. This has helped to save some weight on the top of the club. The weight savings led to the adjustable 26-gram movable weight. 

In addition, this moving of the weight to the back center of the club is increasing the launch, power, and speed of the golf shots that the Ping G425 Max can offer. Overall this is a unique and impressive addition to the Ping G425 Max. 

Arccos Technology 

Arccos Technology allows golfers to get feedback and information on their golf ball performance. With an adjustable golf driver, it is so important to know and understand how changing the settings can impact your golf shots. This is an excellent addition to the Ping G425 Max. 

Who Should Play The Ping G425 Max Driver? 

The Ping G425 Max Driver was designed for the higher handicap player seeking the most forgiveness off the tee. What Ping probably didn’t expect is that the performance on this driver is so versatile that it works for mid to low handicappers as well. Even though the G425 Max has forgiveness, it also has incredible distance and a great feel. If you are a Ping fan and haven’t upgraded in a while, this is one you will want to try.

The Ping G425 driver is the latest release from Ping. This was a much-anticipated option with the G410 being so popular. Ping’s improvements in the G425 certainly make it one of the highest-performing drivers we have seen from this brand. In fact, even ping admits that the Ping G425 Max is the most forgiving golf driver they have ever produced. If you want distance, forgiveness, and remarkable consistency, the Ping G425 Max could be for you. Let’s take a close look into what this driver has brought to the market and whether or not it could be a good choice for your next upgrade.