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Project X Evenflow Riptide MX Wood Shaft

Project X has become one of the most well-known golf shafts on the market. Not only do they make golf club shafts for all player types and all golf clubs, but the quality of the Project X golf shafts is also very impressive. The new Project X Evenflow Riptide MX Wood Shaft is a brand new release, and it has many players considering making a switch in their golf bag. If you are interested in a new golf shaft in one of your woods, stay tuned while we take a deeper look into what the Project X Evenflow Riptide has to offer. 

Features and Benefits of The Project X Evenflow Riptide MX Wood Shaft 

Project X will only release a new golf shaft when they feel as though there is a need on the market that is not being met. The idea behind the Project X Evenflow Riptide is to give golfers a mid trajectory shaft with the lowest torque. 

Lowest Torque Wood Shaft

The new Project X Evenflow Riptide MX Is the lowest torque wood shaft on the market. The ultra-low torque design is made to give golfers much more control over their shots without the shaft feeling too harsh or strong at impact. 

Essentially players will be able to control their golf shots even with a faster or harder golf swing, but not feel as though the shaft is incredibly stiff or difficult to hit. Project X is finding that the golf shafts that are easy to load but still provide stability for a golfer are very popular among amateur players. 

40 Ton Fiber Reinforcement 

In the bottom of most golf shafts for woods, there is some time for reinforcement or additional material to help improve performance. The bottom twenty inches of the Project X Evenflow feature a 40 Ton Fiber.

The idea behind this long reinforcement in the shaft is the ability to control the launch of the golf shots you hit. For a wood shaft, it is so important to be able to control the launch angle and play the types of shots that you need to be able to score. 

Length and Flex Options

Another great feature of the Project X Evenflow Riptide MX Is that you can purchase it custom to your needs with an adapter that will fit your golf clubs. Working with Fairway Jockey makes it easy to put in the specifications of your current club and make sure that you will have a fit for the new shaft with the proper adapter. 

This golf shaft is made for a variety of different players, and that is reflected in the number of flex combinations that they are offering. 

Who Should Use The Project X Evenflow Riptide, MX Wood Shaft? 

Having a low torque shaft that is easy to control and load may sound like a great thing to you. But how will you know if this is the right shaft for your game? The three most important things to consider are your tempo, the trajectory you want, and the spin that you need from your woods. 

These three factors can help you decide if the Project X Riptide MX could be the best fit for your game. Players with a moderate tempo are going to find that this shaft is a good fit for them. The transition from the backswing to the downswing should happen at a moderate pace to see the most benefit. 

The Project X is a medium spin medium trajectory shaft. This is a club that will be seen in quite a few bags this year as people start to see all of the impressive benefits.


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