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Srixon Z-Forged II Irons

Srixon has already released their impressive ZX MK II line for the mid-handicappers. These irons come in several different designs with varying levels of forgiveness and ball flight. The new Srixon Z Forged II Irons are for the best ball strikers in the game. If you want a clean and pure-feeling iron, look no further than the Srixon Z Forged II irons. 

Features and Benefits of the Srixon Z Forged II Irons 

The Srixon Z Forged II irons are a traditional muscle back blade. The first thing that will stand out about the Z Forged II is the look. The club head is one of the cleanest in the game, but the benefits of this iron go far beyond the look. 

Progressive Grooves For More Precise Performance 

Progressive designs in golf irons help give players the performance differences they need between the short and long irons. If all of your golf irons performed the exact same way, it would be hard to accomplish what you need on the course. 

In the Srixon Z Forged II irons, the 3 iron to the 7 iron have wide grooves built for longer shots and to keep the ball higher up in the air. The 8 iron to the pitching wedge has deeper and closer grooves to increase loft, add friction and improve overall playability. 

Pureframe Construction 

The Srixon Z Forged II irons are made from 1020 Carbon Steel, and they are forged from a single piece of steel. The PureFrame construction is designed to add feel and give the Z Forged II irons better performance for the lower handicap players. 

If you are looking for something that has maximum control and playability, the PureFrame helps ensure that it happens. 

Better Turf Interaction With The Tour V.T. Sole 

The Srixon irons are trusted on the PGA Tour, and therefore a lot of tour feedback goes into the creation of the club. Better players prefer the iron to glide through the fairway smoothly, and the Tour V.T. Sole helps to ensure that happens. 

With the Tour V.T. Sole, there is also versatility when hitting through the rough or the sand. The combination of bounce angle and sole width in each club also provides versatility throughout the set. 

Who Should Play The Srixon Z Forged II Irons? 

There is no debating the fact that the Srixon Z Forged II irons are built for the best players in the game. The Z Forged II irons have lofts that are closer to traditional, with 46 degrees in the pitching wedge. These won’t be the longest-distance irons in the Srixon line, but instead, they are built for precision and feel. 

Final Thoughts 

When purchasing a blade-style design like the Z Forged II irons, one of the most important things for golfers to consider is the shaft. For a variety of shaft options, grips, and customizations of the Srixon Z Forged II, Fairway Jockey can help. Make sure that the irons you purchase properly fit to you as a player. 


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