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Top 5 Irons of 2021

#1 Srixon ZX7 

The Srixon ZX7 is a pure player iron that will look and feel like a blade. The ZX7 features single-piece forging and a narrow sole. This is not a player’s distance iron and will be more about performance than pure power. If you like to work the ball a bit, this is a great iron to have in your bag. Interestingly, Brooks Koepka has the Srixon ZX7 in his bag right now, even though he does not have a Srixon contract. 

Who’s It For:

  • Low Handicap player looking for precision  

#2 Srixon ZX5

The Srixon ZX5 is actually quite similar to the ZX7; however, it is more of a player’s distance iron. If you want to play with a golf club that looks and sometimes performs like a blade, the ZX5 is a great choice. For good players that are not quite ready for the true blade, this is a great feeling and performing choice. 

Who’s It For:

  • Mid Handicapper that wants feel, distance, and performance 

#3 Titleist T300

The Titleist T300 allows the mid to high handicapper the chance to put a Titleist in the bag but still get the performance that they need. The T300 has a classic Titleist look, yet it will have more forgiveness than most of the Titleist irons on the market. For a forgiving iron, the feeling that the T300 offers is quite impressive. 

Who’s It For: 

  • Mid to High Handicappers looking for distance and forgiveness 

#4 Titleist T100S 

The Titleist T100S is a brand new release from Titleist, and it is all about getting the better player the distance they need. The S in the T100 stands for strong, and these iron lofts are strong. If you want to get those irons to fly a bit further with a more controlled ball flight, the T100S could be a great choice. If you liked the original T100, the improved technology in these might be worth the upgrade. 

Who’s It For: 

  • Mid To Low Handicap player seeking distance and classic Titleist feel 

#5 TaylorMade P770

The TaylorMade P770 is a great looking new iron from TaylorMade made from 1025 carbon steel. The progressive offsets and thin topline make this really look like a club that a better player is going to enjoy. One of the things that really helps the P770 stand out is the impressive turf interaction. When you hit an iron shot with one of these well, you are going to know it and be rewarded for it. 

Who’s It For:

  • Low handicap player that wants the excellent feel and a tour-inspired design

At Fairway Jockey, we are always trying to figure out what is working for our customers and what is not. We thought it might help you to know the five best-selling irons on Fairway Jockey if you are looking for some inspiration as to which clubs could be a good choice for your game. Here are the top five best sellers and who should be playing with them. 


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