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Top Summer Accessories

We've rounded up the top summer accessories that every golfer should consider adding to their arsenal. From brushes to tees, these accessories will help you achieve maximum backspin, distance, and accuracy while keeping you comfortable on the course.

1. Grooveit Brush: The Ultimate Cleaning Companion

The Grooveit Brush is a must-have accessory for golfers looking to keep their clubs in pristine condition. Here's why it's a top pick for the summer season:

Heavy-duty Nylon Bristles: The Grooveit Brush features heavy-duty nylon bristles that can withstand even the toughest grime. Plus, it comes with a 3-year replacement warranty, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Self-contained Tube: This brush doesn't just clean; it hydrates too. The self-contained tube can hold water or cleaning solution, making it easy to clean your clubs on the go. It holds enough liquid to last multiple rounds and refills effortlessly.

Magnetic Securing System: The unique magnetic securing system allows you to attach the brush securely to your golf bag. No more fumbling or losing your brush mid-round. Plus, it provides cord-free mobility for use away from the golf bag.

High-quality Magnets: You can trust the high-quality magnets to last the lifetime of the Grooveit Brush, ensuring it stays securely in place.

Ergonomically Designed Pistol Grip: The Grooveit Brush's pistol grip is ergonomically designed for comfortable use, ensuring you can clean your clubs with ease.

Mini-Carabiner Attachment: Easily attach the Grooveit Brush to your golf bag with the high-quality mini-carabiner for quick access during your round.

With the Grooveit Brush in your golf bag, you'll enjoy maximum backspin, distance, and accuracy while keeping your clubs in top condition.

2. Grooveit Mini G Brush: Compact and Efficient

If you're looking for a smaller, more compact cleaning solution, the Grooveit Mini G Brush is the perfect choice. It offers the same great magnetic securing system and stiff nylon bristles as the original Grooveit Brush but without the water container. It's a convenient and space-saving addition to your golf bag for quick club cleaning.

3. Stars & Stripes Limited Edition Golf Tees: Tee Off with Style

Show your patriotic spirit on the course with these Stars & Stripes Limited Edition Golf Tees. Here's why they're a summer essential:

Premium White Birch Hardwood: These tees are crafted from premium white birch hardwood, ensuring durability and longevity.

Thicker Shank: The thicker shank design provides more durability, so you won't need to worry about constantly replacing your tees.

Length - 2 3/4 Inch: The 2 3/4-inch length is perfect for various tee heights, giving you flexibility on the tee box.

These Colors Don't Run: Show your pride with the Stars & Stripes design that won't fade or run, no matter how many rounds you play.

This summer, elevate your golf game with these top accessories: the Grooveit Brush for club cleaning perfection, the Grooveit Mini G Brush for compact convenience, and Stars & Stripes Limited Edition Golf Tees for a touch of patriotism on the course. Enjoy your best summer rounds ever with these essential golf accessories at!


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