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Tour Edge Exotics C723 vs. E723 Drivers

If you are in the market for a new driver, the Tour Edge brand has always been an affordable and consistent selection. Although they don't have a wide range of drivers to offer, between the C723 and the E723, there is plenty of technology for any golfer. Let's take a look at both the Tour Edge Exotics C723 and the E723 drivers so that you can decide which of these is the best fit for your game. Keep in mind Fairway Jockey offers a wide range of shaft options and customizations to make sure that any Tour Edge club you buy is a perfect fit for your game. 

Tour Edge Exotics C723 Features and Benefits 

The Tour Edge C723 is geared toward the lower-handicap golfer. With the C723, you are going to benefit from low spin, which produces quite a bit of roll even after your golf shot has touched the ground. 

Flight Tuning System 

The C723 has an adjustable center of gravity to help you get your ball flight dialed in. Whether your ball flight is a draw or a fade, you can set the C723 up to accommodate your game. 

Lightweight Carbon 

Tour Edge joined in on the Carbon game with the C723; the driver features lightweight carbon in 4 places within the driver's head that gives it a little extra forgiveness. Even though this is the player's version, the C723 has plenty of features that will appeal to golfers looking for a little extra help. 

Impressive Feel 

With reduced spin allowing for better ball flight control, feel is also important. The Tour Edge C723 has 360 Ridgeback Technology to improve feel and sound. Overall you get a fast driver that feels workable and custom fitted to your game. 

Tour Edge E723 Features and Benefits 

The E723 driver is all about forgiveness; it offers adjustability along with that extra forgiveness. 

High MOI Design 

The high MOI design of the Tour Edge E723 will help ensure that the drives that you miss just slightly still end up in the fairway. The Tour Edge E723 is a forgiving club, and after swinging it a few times, you will see what it can do for your confidence on the course. 

Flight Tuning System 

The flight tuning system offers an adjustable center of gravity. If you need a club that is a bit more draw-biased to fix that slice, the Tour Edge E723 will allow you that option. 

Large Profile and Sweet Spot 

The E723 is a larger profile than the C723, making it easier to hit that sweet spot. In addition, the lightweight carbon allowed for a larger clubhead without increasing overall weight and slowing the club head down. 

Tour Edge Exotics C723 Vs. E723 Driver: Which One Is Best For Your Game? 

If you are looking for ultimate forgiveness and assistance on the golf course, the E723 will be the better fit. For lower-handicap golfers looking for workability and lower spin, the smaller profile C723 is the better selection. 

Whichever Tour Edge Exotics driver you choose, make sure you are taking advantage of the customizations offered by Fairway Jockey.

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