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VA Composites Synystr Wood Shaft

There is no denying the fact that faster swing speed players need different golf shafts in their clubs than slower swing speed players. The distance that fast swing speeds can get from their driver and fairway woods is remarkable, but that all happens because of the proper shaft being in play. The new VA Composites Synystr Wood Shaft is designed for the higher swing speed players looking for ultimate distance and control. Here is a rundown of what you can expect from the new VA Composites Synstr wood shaft at Fairway Jockey.

VA Composites Synyster Wood Shaft (Features and Benefits)

The goal of the Synster wood shaft was to help higher swing speed players optimize their performance due to specific advancements in technology.

Low To Mid Launch

When you take the new VA Composites Synyster wood shaft out of your bag, you will most certainly look like you know what you are doing. This unique design is just as high performing as it looks.
The lower to mid-launch design helps faster swing speed players keep the ball from ballooning and getting too high up in the air.
Keeping the ball flight slightly lower and maximizing that ball speed also creates a bit more distance for the high speed player.

Tip Stiff Design

The tip stiff design helps the VA Composites Synyster wood shaft have the control needed to cater to faster golfers. If you have ever felt as though you can’t feel the clubhead or you are losing control of your longer shots due to speed, the Synystr Wood Shaft can help.
With impressive feedback and control, you will stand over the ball and feel in more control of what you are doing.

Accuracy and Precision

As great as the distance is for the faster swing speed players, controlling the ball is almost more important. The Synyster features a progressive bend profile and torque value so you can find the perfect shaft to fit the needs of your golf game.

7 Models To Choose From

The VA Composites Synyster wood shaft may be designed for higher speed players, but there are still several options for golfers to choose from.
  • 55R
  • 55S
  • 65R
  • 65S
  • 65X
  • 75S
  • 75X
The weights of the Synystr Wood shafts range from 53 to 76 grams. Each of the shafts has a low to mid-launch. In addition, you can order the shaft for a fairway or driver build. Fairway Jockey has a wide range of adapters to fit on any clubhead you have in play.

Final Thoughts

More and more amateur golfers are starting to pay attention to the shafts they place in their fairway woods and driver. Even though your club may come stock with a basic golf shaft, fine-tuning your golf shaft's launch, trajectory, feel, and control can shave strokes off your game.
If you have any questions about this new VA Composites Synystr wood shaft, feel free to reach out to a Fairway Jockey representative.


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