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What Happens If My Drive Shaft Has Too Much Flex?

The importance of a golf club’s shaft cannot be understated. Even the slightest differences in how a shaft is built can have undue influence on a swing. For example, a shaft that is too stiff can minimize ball height in its arc, which is detrimental to distance. However, a shaft that has too much flex can have just as much of a detrimental impact on a player’s performance. 

The Downside of a Driver Shaft with Too Much Flex

When a driver shaft has too much flex, the following can occur. 

  • Ball flight can be too high. Imagine this: you swing the club and make contact with the ball, only for the ball to be propelled far higher than its typical arc. This sacrifices distance and harms accuracy. 
  • The ball’s spin rate can skyrocket. Whether you’re searching for pinpoint accuracy in your game or not, all players do hope for a sense of control and stability in their game. When a driver shaft has too much flex, this is compromised. Shot dispersion becomes inconsistent and the ball will spin more than you’d like.

Understanding Shafts Contextually

This information about shaft stiffness or flex must be taken contextually. A shaft that has too much flex for you as a player may be just right for another player, or vice versa. This is because factors such as swing speed and focus on distance play into a shaft’s performance. There is no one shaft that can change your performance: it’s rather a give-and-take between your swing style and the shaft. The two should work together, which is why it’s paramount to have a custom shaft made for your specifications and your performance goals

At Fairway Jockey, we pride ourselves on being a ‘custom shaft superstore’ because of our thousands of shaft options, each with their own customization options. We know that no two players are the same, and no two shafts should be the same, either. When a player has a shaft custom made for their goals, swing speed, and preferences, they can see a significant ROI within their performance. 

Book a Custom Fitting Online

Determining if a shaft has too much flex for your specific strengths and goals can be challenging, which is why we’re here to help. Schedule a 1:1, thirty-minute appointment by phone at our website. We also have a live chat functionality every weekday from 7:30-3:30pm PST to offer support as you peruse the website’s many options. Our team of experienced fitters can help you determine which shaft is best suited for your game.


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