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Who Is HaywoodGolf?

Outside of the major manufacturers that the golf world is accustomed to, it can be hard to break in as a new golf brand. People become very brand loyal, and they don't want to change the current familiarity and comfort they have with their existing favorite brand. However, when a company comes along with something that golf hasn't seen before, the rise to success can be a bit quicker. HaywoodGolf has only been around since 2018, but they are starting to make waves in the world of golf. Let's take a look at why this is happening. 

Who Is HaywoodGolf? 

Haywood golf is a Canadian golf manufacturer that has been producing clubs since 2018. The company was built on the premise that there are not enough affordable options for golfers when it comes to high-quality golf clubs. 

HaywoodGolf set out to make a wedge that was as high performing as it was affordable. They created a blade style wedge, available in three different colors and completely customizable. The wedges were a hit, and players have found the CNC milled grooves to be highly effective at creating spin around the greens. 

With the success of the wedges, HaywoodGolf then decided to branch out into the irons. We suspect that HaywoodGolf is not done, and they will continue to create new and affordable options for players. 

What Equipment Does Haywood Golf Manufacturer? 

Haywood’s goal is to make fantastic feeling and excellent-looking golf clubs for a fraction of the typical price. If you feel like there are no new options on the market for you to choose from, HaywoodGolf is a place to look. 


The signature wedges are available in a wide range of lofts, can be easily customized, and even give you a choice of a unique ferrule for a small upgrade. If you like a blade-style wedge that is versatile and easy to spin, this is it. 


Currently, there are three irons from HaywoodGolf. The first is the Signature Irons, followed by the Signature MB and the Haywood 100s. 

The Signature Irons are a club that any mid handicapper could play with confidence.  These clubs have a soft feel yet still have plenty of forgiveness and distance as well. 

The Signature MB Irons are a classic muscle back design. Put this club up against a Titleist MB or Mizuno MB, and you will see many similarities. 

The Haywood 100s are the premium iron. The advanced milling process and unique material combination make these the best option for the golf purist. =

Driving Iron

With the irons’ success, HaywoodGolf decided to add in a driving iron for those that want some extra distance off the tee. The HaywoodGolf driving iron is clean looking and surprisingly forgiving. 


The new line includes a blade style Signature Putter. This is a classic-looking model with plenty of alignment assistance and a great feel. 

Where Do I Buy Haywood Golf Equipment? 

Since HaywoodGolf is a newer company, you may not have seen them in your local stores. However, Fairway Jockey has the complete HaywoodGolf line available on their website, and the clubs are fully customizable. If you haven't found the perfect iron at the right price point this season, HaywoodGolf is without a doubt an option to consider.


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