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Who Will Benefit from the OBAN Devotion?

OBAN’s most diverse shaft offering is its Devotion series, which has various shaft weights from 43 to 84 grams. The OBAN Devotion wood shaft attracts players who are looking for pronounced stability and feel provided from its firm butt, mid, and tip sections. This design is consistent amongst the different shaft weights and models in the Devotion series, so no matter which model is chosen, the same stability will be awarded.

The Devotion 4 and 5 models are both high launch and high spin. This makes it a beneficial pick for players with lower swing speeds who are looking for more velocity upon impact.

The Devotion 6, 7, and 8 are all more mid launch and low spin, and it has a more responsive feel. These three options are ideal for the player who tends to create more load in the shaft with a quicker tempo. The most popular of these mid launch and low spin shafts is typically the 6, which ranges from 60 to 66 grams, depending on the flex chosen. 

Customize Your OBAN Devotion Shaft

In addition to the diversity that the Devotion Series itself provides, at Fairway Jockey, we always offer complete customization control to players ordering a custom-made shaft. For the Devotion shafts, the following customizations are available. 

  • Model: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. These are the same model choices as were discussed. 
  • Flex: A, R, S, X, and TX
  • Shaft Adaptor Sleeve Options (choose dexterity and from brands like Callaway and TaylorMade)
  • The option for SST Shaft Pure Alignment upgrade. This is a $30 upgrade that we do recommend considering. The SST Shaft Pure Alignment process is done with computer software that determines the most stable orientation for the shaft, and can contribute to a consistency in its performance. 
  • The shaft’s playing length, with options ranging from 42 to 46.5 inches 
  • Grip option, with various colors, prices, and brands (like Lamkin and the NO1 50 series)
  • Number of wraps of tape (1-3) 

The customization form on the ordering page also asks for the club head model and loft that will be used with the shaft, which helps to assist in proper manufacturer tipping. And, for additional convenience, we also offer financing options on all of our custom clubs. We know that ordering a customized club is a large investment and an exciting next step in a player’s game, and want to make the process as seamless and accommodating as possible. 

Other OBAN Devotion Shafts

If you are interested in the OBAN brand and its Devotion series, we feature other shafts beyond the wood shaft on our website. The Tour Reserve wood shaft incorporates high quality graphite throughout the shaft, and is available in the 55, 65, and 75 models. The OBAN Devotion Hybrid wood shaft has the same stability throughout its shaft load sequence as the other Devotion options, but is available in models Regular, Stiff, and X-Stiff. For all of the OBAN Devotion shafts, players seeking stability will benefit. 

The number of options available in the customization process can be overwhelming at first, but Fairway Jockey experts are always on standby, 24/7, for a live chat on our website or by phone call for a fitting. 


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